About US

SCOPE The Chemical Society shall cover all aspects of learning, research application, practice and professional conduct in all branches of chemistry and related disciplines.

  1. To promote other advancement of chemical sciences and technology in Kenya.
  2. To promote communication and co-ordination between and among chemists and allied professionals in Kenya.
  3. To provide a forum for discussion and a medium for dissemination of chemical knowledge among the members of the chemical society and the public at large.
  4. To encourage advanced training and research in chemistry within Kenya and to find ways and means for such training elsewhere.
  5. To co-operate with the Government of Kenya and other public bodies or institutions in national development.
  6.  To co-operate with other national and international chemical organizations in organizing meetings, exchanging of information etc.
  7. To institute and maintain professional standards amongst its members.
  8. To promote the welfare of chemists in Kenya.


In pursuance of the aforementioned aims and objectives the Chemical Society shall endeavour.

  1. To promote communication and co-ordination amongst its members.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion and a medium for the dissemination of knowledge amongst its members by organizing symposia, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  3. To create a familiarity with chemical knowledge and application amongst members of the public, through the mass media.
  4. To co-operate with the appropriate government institutions in formulating scientific and educational policies in planning and in exploring the results of research.
  5. To act as a medium for advancement of chemical knowledge in Kenya and to promote international goodwill and understanding through the exchange of research work and scholars.
  6. To develop and co-ordinate creative abilities of young chemists by encouraging formation of chemistry clubs, associations and organizing competitions and such other activities as the chemical Society may deem fit.
  7. To establish, publish and distribute a peer reviewed journal of the Chemical Society.
  8. To encourage advanced short-term courses and scholarships.
  9. To develop and maintain a code of conduct for chemists.
  10. To undertake such other activities as may be consistent with aims and objectives of the Chemical Society.
  11. Develop a mechanism for accrediting practising professional chemist in Kenya.